Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Those Words

You know, the words you never want your children to hear because they're "bad" words.  Well, today was the day that those words were uttered in the hearing of my children, where I was close enough to catch them.  One of those words just happened to be the word some stupid person decided to use to describe the lovely shade of brown skin belonging to my oldest.  I could feel both anger and sadness boiling up in me as I realized the little boy was probably around the same age as Sawyer and obviously had no idea what the word meant, based on the way he used it.  I was angry at whoever used the word in front of him and sad to know that one day he would probably understand it and avoid playing with those little boys again.  I was sad as I looked into the face of one of the older boys, who understood the word, and saw the hurt in his eyes.  I wanted to hug them close even though they weren't all mine (I restrained myself since it would probably be frowned upon at a public park).  Quite frankly, I wanted to jerk a knot in the little boy talking, but again, I restrained myself.
I know that the day will come when my children gain an understanding of that word and the racial issues surrounding it, and it makes me want to cry, punch someone and then hide my children in my house for the rest of their lives, BUT THEN the Spirit gently reminded of a few truths.  This is not my home; it is an imperfect world and always will be until he takes us home, but God uses all of it to shape us and mold us to be more like Him.  He will use it all for our good and His glory.  I'm reminded that we are called to be in the world and not of it.  I have to teach my children how to forgive and why we forgive in these moments instead of running or ignoring those people that are brought into our paths, but with the understanding that we don't agree with or repeat the behavior.  I need to teach them what it looks like to love even those that are hard to love.  I'm reminded, through the words of my Daddy, that the God I serve is BIGGER than ALL of it!  I can trust the One who made my baby and I know that He is in control at ALL times, even when I'm not there.  And, I'm reminded that adoption is messy.  No matter the age or race, there are things you have to deal with as an adoptive family that other families don't; questions, sadness, comments from people who don't understand.  Yet, my prayer is that through it all, my kids will gain a greater understanding of God's adoption plan through Christ's death.  That in this messy, earthly picture they will see the beauty of a Heavenly Father who sent his Son to Calvary to save lowly sinners like us.  Then through that understanding will come a desire to reach those that are lost and wandering in this world.   So while, I struggle and wrestle, I pray that this will be the ultimate result, that He would use our family to make His name great and bring Him glory . . . even when it hurts.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Soccer times two!

Soccer season has started up and just like preschool, we have two playing! 
Jack loves the IDEA of soccer, and kicking the ball by himself; the games are another story.  We start on the line with the team.
 Then we sometimes wander and lose interest.
 Someone calls his name and then he runs back to the group.  The first two games he only made it about 10 minutes.
 He's making progress though and has kicked the ball a few times during the game!
 He's also having fun and chasing the ball!
 It must be Uncle J's lucky number rubbing off, because he definitely had fun last week!
 Yay green team!
 Our experienced pro, started on the line for his first game . . .
 and had to entertain us all with his dancing.
 Then after 2 goals . . .
 He got bumped back : )
 That doesn't slow him down a bit or keep him from having a good time with his teammates.
 I'm sure the parents didn't know they were going to get a dance show along with the soccer game.
 This picture just cracks me up!  The coach always asks them, before the ball is kicked, which way they are going.  If you look carefully, two are pointing down field, one is pointing straight ahead and the other one has his arms crossed!  Oh the joys of working with 4 year olds! : )
 High Five!
 I have to say that whenever I see this situation I always hold my breath hoping that the kid in front of him isn't going to get run over!  This boy has some serious drive to get that ball and he runs so fast!
 And where is Libby Lou during all this fun?  Usually on the play ground. : )
We're so proud of our little soccer players and hope we have a good rest of the season getting to know our teammates, their families and learning a little more about being a part of a soccer team!

Preschool times two!

So we have two little people in preschool this year!  Jack is in 3K with the same great teachers Sawyer had last year and Sawyer is in 4K with wonderful new teachers. 
 Sawyer's really into sticking his tongue out in pictures these days!
 Big boy with a book bag for the first time!
 This cutie girl gets to stay home with mommy and do fun things, like playing baby dolls, tea parties and running errands. : )
She loves her baby and showers her with hugs and kisses throughout the day. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Terrific Three!

My birthday buddy, how is it possible that you are three years old?  Wasn't it just yesterday that I could hold you in my arms and rock you?  What a sweet little boy you are growing up to be and my, how we love you! 

You've come out of your shell so much this last year and will chatter away when you can grab someone's ear.  You still tend to be more reserved in a large group of people, but you're more than willing to have a good time, especially if brother is leading the way. 

You want to do just about everything that brother does, which is making you less cautious, little by little.  You're my little thinker and so often I can see the wheels turning before you do something.   

There are very few days that I sleep in since you are an early riser.  While I usually wake with the sun these days, I wouldn't trade the world for your sweet little face in front of mine asking for a "cuddle" and a "spot" in the bed.   

You are the perfect main middle man for our family.  You are fairly even tempered (with the exception of a few things that your brother currently does to you : ) and play so well with both of your siblings. 

I pray that as you continue to grow the Lord would give your sensitive spirit a sensititivity to the things of Him, that you would know Him. 

We love you sweet buddy!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Family Pictures

So we just had family pictures done a few weekends ago and I'm in love with so many of the shots!  We have sweet pictures and absolutely hilarious pictures (you can decide which belong in each category : ), but they are all ones that I cherish.The gal who took them is someone I met through my college roommate and that I can now call a friend.  She and her sister were so patient with my crazy crew and a certain little girl's crankiness, and in the end she was able to capture so much of their personality!  Libby was less than thrilled with this venture (hence the large number of family pictures that she's scowling in : ), but even she couldn't help but smile for Maria and Diana in the end.  Maria has a blog where you can read about her adoption journey as well as see some more of her work.  She uses her photography skills as a fundraiser to bring home their sweet baby girl!  If you live in the Columbia area, you are in luck, because this awesome lady will be in town doing photo shoots on June 2nd!  If you would like to help support her and get some awesome pictures in return, leave me a comment or e-mail me, and I'll be happy to give you the details!