Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Manic Monday

So I'll just warn you up front that there are no pictures with this post. Trust me, once you read the story, you'll understand why!

Yesterday, we had one of those experiences that I think every parent has at one point or another, but it is so memorable for me that it warrants a post. Lately, Sawyer has been a little, shall we say, overly destructive. For example, one day I walked into the living room to find him running out of his room, yelling "Momma, come look!". Well I was super excited that we had put 3 words together in a sentence, so of course I went to look with great enthusiasm. What I found left me less than thrilled. He had drawn ALL OVER the wall, from one end to the other, with strokes that were as long as he is tall. He jumped on his bed, threw his arms out and yelled "TaDa!". Needless to say, we had a nice talk about how we only draw on paper. : ) Another morning, a few week ago, I went in his room to get him up and what I got was quite the surprise. He had no pants or diaper on and had wet his entire bed! Well, yesterday takes the cake. We've been doing what I like to call "quiet read time" in th mornings during Jack's nap. I set the timer for 10 minutes and he sits on his bed and "reads" books to his animals. I usually go jump in the shower at this point and then come back and we read together when his time is up. Well, yesterday I heard the timer go off and a minute or two later Sawyer comes running through the house, with no pants or diaper, carrying a little present in his hand. Oh yes, that's right! I promptly had him throw his "present" in the toilet and washed him off before putting him on the couch to watch Sesame Street. With great dread, I entered his room and to my dismay, his "present" had gotten on his sheets, his comforter, blocks, cars, and the carpet! Oh the joy! I spent about 30 minutes cleaning it all up and tomorrow we will start potty training. If you know you have to go to the bathroom and take your diaper off to do so, then I say it's time we try to put it in the potty! That being said, if you think about it, say a little prayer for me. : )

Monday, March 29, 2010

Bath Buddies

So all you have to do in our house is mention the bath tub and you have two little boys high tailin' it to the bathroom! They love to take a bath! They also love to help me mop the bathroom floor by getting water all over the floor. : )
This little one used to hate the big bathtub, but now he loves splashing and all his toys.

For some reason, Sawyer loves laying down in the bathtub. He lays like this, with a huge smile on his face, and then rolls over with his whole head under water before pushing himself to a sitting position. So funny!

These two are becoming best little buddies and love to play, but bath time may still be their favorite time together!

Fun Times with Friends

So my best friend from the age of 4 just moved 45 minutes away from my house with her family. Our oldest and youngest are both 4 months apart, which makes for lots of fun when we get together. Kate is the only girl, but for now she doesn't seem to mind too much. Here are a few pictures of a fun day we had at Jenn's house a few weeks ago.

Jack loved having so much at his level to chew on.

Graham and Jack had fun sitting on th floor and playing togther.

Graham got brave and ventured to play with the big kids. Sawyer is very into trains right now and making everything into a train. Thankfully, Graham and Kate were more than willing to be on a train for the day!

These two were so sweet playing in the kitchen together and then all of a sudden they both just turned around and looked at me. Too cute!
Thanks for having us over for the day Aunt Jenn! We had so much fun!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Ok, maybe just two words . . . cute piggies