Thursday, February 26, 2009

Little Marine

At least that's what Daddy called him when I told him where I found Sawyer today! I saw Sawyer go into our bedroom, which isn't uncommon, but I was finishing an e-mail so I didn't follow him. Well, after a few minutes of not seeing him, I called his name. When he didn't come the second time and I didn't hear something, I figured I should go look for him. I checked the bathroom first, since that's the best place to get in trouble, but he wasn't there. I then looked in the closet, since he will sometimes close himself in there, but again no Sawyer. I called his name again, and this time I heard little muffled, grunts. I knew he hadn't left the room, but I couldn't figure out where he was. For some reason, I looked under the bed, and what do you know, but there he was! He had crawled all the way under our queen size bed to retrieve a lost toy! Once he saw me he turned around and came back out, but I just couldn't stop laughing. He was already coming back out by the time I got my camera, so you don't get the full effect, but here ya go! Don't look too closely at the other stuff in the picture, just keep in mind it is under my bed. : )

Boooo, Boooo

So if you think that says "boo" as in trying to scare someone, you would be wrong. That is Sawyer's version of "book". Basically, "book" without a "k". : ) He is VERY into reading books and if he brings one to you, he expects you to drop everything and read to him that moment, so we're working on patience. : ) His favorites right now are two Peek-a-boo, touch and feel books, ABC's by P.D. Eastman, Big Trucks, and 10 in the Bed. Ian and I have these books memorized, and I actually found myself quoting one to try and fall asleep! Here are a few pictures of Sawyer sharing his books with Daddy.

Reading the Big Truck Book. You can see under the coffee table that he has a pile that he keeps in the living room. : )

He will sit and look at every truck on the page, over and over again! Mommy loves that he loves to read and hopes it stays that way!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Feeling better and being outside

Well, for the past 3 weeks or so we've been battling a double ear infection. We are on our second round of antibiotics, and I can finally see that Sawyer is feeling like himself again. He's also cutting his molars so he's been a little bit fussy to say the least. The past couple days have been great and he has been so much fun. Yesterday Sawyer and I enjoyed having Daddy at home since he had President's Day off from work. Sawyer loves his Daddy so a day at home with him, other than Saturday and Sunday, is a wonderful treat!
Today we went outside once it warmed up a bit and played with some of our new outside toys. Some of Sawyer's favorite things right now are cars, trucks, and balls. We have some for outside and inside so I don't have to worry about cleaning them off constantly. Today I also got out the bubble gun, which was a HUGE hit! Here are a few pictures of our fun in the sun.

Playing with his truck. Notice that he's also missing a shoe. : ) The Velcro finally bit the dust, so we'll be going to get a new pair of shoes soon!
Dumping everything out of the back!
Now let's put it all back in. : )

Bubbles, Bubbles everywhere!

He wanted to take the gun, but couldn't quite figure out how to use it. He loved chasing them in the wind and watching them fly!