Sunday, May 10, 2009

Time for One More

So I figured I had time for one more blog before baby Jack gets here. We have been so busy lately with trying to get everything ready at home and work before Jack gets here, as well as just living life. Here are a few highlights of the past few weeks.
This year Sawyer got to hunt Easter Eggs for the first time! He prefered taking them out of other people's baskets, or throwing them until he discovered that there was candy inside. : ) We do an Easter Egg Hunt at church every year and since I am in charge of it, Daddy followed Sawyer around helping him. That also meant Daddy gave him the candy too. Let's just say he tried a little more than if Mommy had been in charge, but he lived. : )

Daddy showing him what it's all about.
Taking eggs from Ben's basket. Luckily, Ben was willing to share one. : )

Looking at the egg he just took with Ben and Ms. Carrie. : )
Happy boy . . . a room full of all the people he loves. Does it get any better?!?
Picking up Easter Eggs in the front yard, and for those who care, a shot of my big ol' belly. : )
Sawyer in his great Easter outfit.

Our family in our Easter best.

Play group
Well I don't have any pictures from this, but I'm sure I will before the summer is over. We've been doing a play group on Fridays and it has been so fun. We've been rotating houses and the park and it's just so fun to hang out with other Mommas and kids. Most of the kids are around the same age, so it's fun to watch them interact and learn how to play with each other. One of the little boys in the group is a few months older than Sawyer and his sister LOVES Sawyer. She went through a phase where she told everyone she was going to marry him. : ) Well, everytime we get somewhere, she comes running to greet us, yelling Sawyer's name. It was so cute because this past Friday her brother picked up on it and came running yelling "Saw" because he couldn't say his whole name. So cute!

Well, since I haven't done it lately, I thought I'd write out a few of the things that Sawyer is doing right now.

Words that he can say/sign: Please, thank you, more, up, all done (by far the cutest), Dada, Momma, Gada (Grandaddy aka My dad), J (Uncle Josh), dog, woof, duck, meow, rock rock, num num (anything related to food), night night, di di (diaper), bye, eye and there might be more, but for now that's all I can think of.
Favorite Books: That's Not my Puppy, 10 in the Bed, Baby Blessings Bible (especially Zacchaeus and Jesus Calms the Storm), The Saw Book (funny, I know)
Favorite activities: going outside, sand/water table, throwing any kind of ball, reading, playing with Whit, dancing and chase
Favorite foods: any fruit or veggie and cookies : )
He still loves his Whit dog, and now if Whit is lying on the floor he sits on him like a horse. : ) Whit is such a good sport and lets him lay all over him, pull his ears, poke his eye, and countless other things without making a sound. He's such a good dog!
Sawyer loves music! He loves to dance whenever he hears music and it's even better if there's a crowd of people to watch him and clap. Lately, however he's actually "singing" some of the songs to the point that you actually recognize the tune! I'm so proud! : ) Well, I think that's about it for now, and I'm guessing my next post will probably be filled with pictures of baby Jack and updates on how we're all doing, so stay tuned!