Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Vacation . . . or something like it!

So this year, once again, we went on vacation with some friends from church. We had double the children from last year (6 and two pregnant ladies), so we brought my mom and cousin to help with the kids. Overall, I have to say it was a great vacation and we had a lot of fun, BUT there were a few less than wonderful moments! Monday started with Sawyer running a fever so Ian and I took turns staying in our room with him, so that we didn't spread germs to anyone else in the house. His fever was gone by the evening, so we thought it was just a little cold. The next morning he woke up with a 103.2 fever, so we decided to find a pediatrician to take him to in Myrtle Beach. Thankfully, enough it turned out to be a bacterial infection so he wasn't contagious and after a day of meds he was back to normal. Well, the day that he was back to normal (Wednesday) we discovered that our house was infested with bed bugs! That's right folks, bed bugs! My poor mom was covered in bites, and Joanna had some as well, but no one else did. Well, after a day of packing our stuff in plastic bags and doing ALL of our laundry, we got moved to another place and settled in. We were able to enjoy the rest of our vacation and will hopefully have a less eventful vacation next year!
Ian and Sawyer walking around waiting for our table.

Sweet kisses for little brother.

Cutie pie!

A little snack before dinner!

A family picture . . . the best we could get!

Napping on the beach! It's the life!

Strong boy carrying his water bucket all by himself.

Knocking down sand castles.

Playing with friends!

Playing bocce ball with the "big kids".

Getting a better view.

Sitting with Granna.

Jack in his tent.

Hanging out with Mommy.

A little pool time with Daddy and our friends.

Playing in the shade.

Reading with Daddy.

Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

So my grandfather turned 80 this year and we went down to Georgia to celebrate. It was a bit of an ordeal traveling with a newborn and a toddler, but we all made it there and back in one piece and even managed to enjoy ourselves! We went to the lake for the day on Saturday, which was great. They have a house on their property that has one bedroom and then a big kitchen/dining room/living room where we can set up lots of tables and chairs. It was the perfect place to put Jack so he didn't get too hot, and of course there were plenty of hands to hold him. Sawyer loves swimming so he thought it was the perfect day, and he got to ride on a boat for the first time!
Sitting with Uncle Josh and being sweet!
Our family : )

All of Grandpa's grandchildren and great grands.

Unfortunately, Sawyer hadn't had a nap all afternoon, so about 5 minutes into the boat ride, this is what he looked like!

Here he is in the first 5 minutes with Granna, Grandaddy and Dandy.

Helping Grandpa blow out the candles.

Riding the kayak with Uncle Josh was definitely a highlight for Sawyer!

Swimming with Jo Jo!

Cuddling with Uncle Doug.

This wasn't at the lake, but it's so cute I had to put it up just so you could see his sweet smile!