Wednesday, November 12, 2008

There's always something new

As is always the case with a growing toddler, Sawyer is constantly discovering new things, gaining new skills, and finding new games that he loves. Lately one of his favorite things to do is dump anything that has something in it. This includes, the box of diapers, cabinet where the DVDs are kept, all kitchen cabinets that he can get open, the toy box, you get the picture, right? So my day is spent wandering from one mess to the other putting stuff back. The great part is that he moves onto another toy so I move to clean up the latest mess, which he of course notices, and then comes back and begins destroying while I'm cleaning up. : ) He also loves to look under stuff, which I have to say, is the cutest thing you've ever seen. He just looks so curious and cute! As for his favorite game, it has to do with something he's loved for a while. For some reason, Sawyer has always loved to have his face covered. He loves when you pull a shirt on, but leave it on his head, or if you throw a towel over his head. He gets so excited and flaps his little arms and you can hear him breathing hard underneath whatever it is on his head. If you look under the clothing or blanket you can see the look of utter joy on his face. When you finally take it off, he gets this look of disappointment that the game is over. Well, the other day, for some reason, all three of us ended up in the bed together, and we put the sheet over Sawyer's head. After a few minutes we both got under the sheet and you would've thought someone had just handed Sawyer the moon. He got so excited! So now his almost daily game with Daddy is getting under a blanket and making noises at one another. It is particularly hilarious to watch from outside the blanket as they are both moving all over creation and look hysterical. I haven't gotten it on video that I can upload, yet, but I will soon so you can all see what I see. : ) I also have pictures to upload, but they're on Ian's camera, which he has to download using a special cord. Check back in a few days and I'll have it all up for you.