Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy Birthday, baby girl!!

So for any of you who keep up with these things, yes I do know that my  daughter's birthday was on January 1st not February 1st.  I have had these pictures loaded for a while, but I just couldn't find the time to sit down and finish . . . ooorrrr maybe I couldn't admit that she's getting further and further away from being a baby (sniff).  The first year of both my second and third have seemed to fly by.  It's so much harder to stop and enjoy the little things when there are two others to keep up with and pay attention to!  I am thankful though for al the fun we had the first year and all the fun to come! 

She was so itty bitty in comparison to the boys and has most definitely stayed that way!

New Years will never be the same again because I will always remember our first new year with you!

You always have a grin on your face when someone you love is in view. 

You smile so big that it sometimes seems like it might stretch right off your face! : )

Your fly away hair, with your grandpa comb over, cracks me up!

I don't think you're going to be shy at all!  You're loud, probably to be heard above the boys, and friendly to almost everyone we see!
Did I also mention messy??

You love to do everything your brothers do!  You hate to be left out and you are very observant.  It's not often that I hide something from you baby girl!

You have very animated facial expressions, to say the least. : )  You are quick to let us know when you like something or hate it!  There is plenty of spunk in that little body!

I'm so glad you've kept your baby blues like your Daddy and Grandaddy.  While you look like your Granna some days, the blue eyes and blonde hair really just give you your own little look.

Libby Lou, Lou Lou Belle and Lou Lou are just a few of the names we call you these days, but you'll always be my baby girl.  I love my boys, don't get me wrong, but there's just something different about a little girl.  You have captured the hearts of everyone in our house, including your brothers who adore you!  Mommy and Daddy love you Elizabeth Caroline and we pray that you will grow up to be a more beautiful girl on the inside than you are on the outside through a relationship with our Savior!   
Happy Birthday!