Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wait, when did this happen??

That's what Ian and I have been asking ourselves a lot lately.  We look around and say, "Wait, when did we get THREE children??" and, "How is it that we're old enough to have a THREE year old?".  Going a little bit backwards here, Sawyer turned 3 at the end of December!  I really can't believe he's 3.  I still remember bringing him home and and the joy we felt over every little thing he did.  Well, we still feel joy, along with a few other emotions from time to time, over the many things he can do now!  Just for my own sake, here's a small list of things he's doing now.

Favorites games/activities:  Sawyer loves anything that involves full body activity: football, soccer, sliding, swinging, pretty much anything outdoors, dancing, singing at the top of his lungs (bet you didn't know that was a full body acitvity!), and tackling (it's a Daddy thing) to name a few

Favorite books: anything with Curious George or Thomas the Train

Favorite foods:  Sawyer loves any fruit and vegetable.  I honestly don't think I've found one he won't eat!  From peppers to mangos and everything in between, he loves them all!  Not as big a fan of meat, but he'll eat it. : )

Favorite sayings:  At this age kiddos are full of funny sayings, so here are a few of his:
- mixed up blessing - "God our Father, God our Father, where are you?  Where are you?  Everyone is waiting.  Everyone is waiting.  Start to fall.  Start to fall."
- calling is brother Jackers and his sister Wibby : )
- in his most dramatic voice saying these like, "Awesome, dude!" and "Stupendous!"
- talking to strangers (I mean anyone we pass in any store!) "Hi there!  I'm Sawyer.  Who are you?"

If I could describe Sawyer in three words, I think they would be passionate, physical, and loving.  Everything Sawyer does, he does with passion.  Whether it's running around the yard, reading a book or getting upset, it's all done with gusto. : )  He's also extremely physical in all he does.  He runs just about everywhere he wants to go, is really great at anything resembling a sport, and shows he loves you with lots of hugs and kisses.  On the flip side of all that, he has a sweet and tender side that really comes out with his Mommy and his Sissy.  Often times he'll just walk up and put his hands on my cheeks and give me a kiss or say he loves me.  Libby gets more kisses than the law should allow and the way he pats her is in stark contrast to the way he does almost everything else.  He loves her so much and I hope that never changes!

Ian and I joke that there is no way our genes could have made his personality, but we know he is EXACTLY who we needed and wanted as our firstborn. I can't imagine life without him and the fun he brings to everything. I love you William Sawyer Headley and I always will!