Thursday, October 8, 2009

Twice the fun

Well, I thought I was doing so good about updating the blog and then I let a month go by without a post! Well, I guess that's what happens when you're trying to keep up with two busy, little people. : ) So for my own personal recollection, here's a little bit of what both boys are doing these days.
Sawyer can still loves books and playing with anything "boy" . . . balls, trucks, dirt, etc. He can say more words than I can count, but the stuff I love right now are: "wuv oo" (there's not really a "yuh" sound to his "you"), "are oo" (where are you?) and "tank oo" (thank you). He knows almost all of his animals and their sounds. He is sleeping in a big boy bed and we've yet to have any problems!!! WooHoo!!!
Jack can roll over both ways and LOVES to roll over onto his tummy. He coos and giggles when you tickle him. He still loves his feet and his hands now. He has the biggest smile ever, which makes me think he's going to smile like his momma and his Uncle Josh. He especially lights up whenever his brother is in view. He LOVES his brother! He loves to sit up in the exersaucer or the bumbo so he can see what's going on.

Well, that's all I can think of for now, so here's a picture walk, in no particular order, of what we've been doing recently!

Trying rice cereal! That's right, folks, our baby is 4 months old!!

As you can tell from the picture, he's not a fan yet, but I'm sure he will be soon!
Like mother, like son! He loves to play the piano! He doesn't bang on it, but sits and plays!

A prodigy in the making. : )

No, that is not a funny angle, he is actually sucking/chewing on the toy that is on his playmat! I left him there the other day and came back to find him doing this. So funny!

The littlest one has discovered his hands and loves to suck on them, look at them, and occasionally scratch himself. : ( He's even started sucking his middle two fingers, just like Sawyer! We'll see what his final decision is later.

Our BIG boy! Right now he is the same size that Sawyer was when he was 6 months old! Looks like he got the Keesey genes. : )

Sawyer has gotten really into "helping" with everything! He love to help make the bed, put the dirty clothes in the hamper (my personal favorite), vacuum (not exactly my favorite, but sweet nonetheless), and cook. The other day I temporarily lost my mind and thought it would be fun to let him help make biscuits! Doesn't that SOUND like fun??

This is how we met daddy at the door when he got home! He had dough ALL over his hands, flour in his hair, and all over the floor, but he loved it!! I think we'll stick with helping to stir the pancakes!

Sawyer loves books and now he tries to "read" to himself as well as Jack. I walked into the living room one day to find this on the couch. : )

Sawyer was watching baseball and copying the outfielders when they would catch a ball.

Jack in the lion towel from Aunt D!

So we've worked on doing things by our self, but pudding was a little too difficult when we first started. I am proud to report, however, that he can now do it without spilling a drop! I'd say that's progress from where we started. : )

More reading!

Both being extra, special cute!

Ok this last one is a video that I have been trying to catch for forever. Sawyer loves Curious George and he dances like a crazy person to the intro song, so now you can all see a little bit of the energy that my child has. : ) Notice he had to go swing brother when the song talked about swinging!