Thursday, May 13, 2010

The fast lane

That's where I feel like we've been living life for the past few weeks. Just to give you a quick recap since the last time I posted, we have . . .

potty trained Sawyer (yay!!), sold our current house, put a contract on a new house, gotten ready for Josh's wedding, packed boxes, packed some more boxes, and some more boxes, and the big kicker . . . found out we are expecting number 3 in December!!! Now if that doesn't make you tired I don't know what will! Josh gets married this weekend and then we close on both of our houses this upcoming Thursday. I don't know if we could get anymore busy if we tried! So far everything's going well with number 3 and other than being tired and a little sick occasionally, I can't complain.

The boys are doing great and becoming better friends all the time! They play so well together, which is something I know I will be grateful for even more in the coming months. Sawyer is talking up a blue streak and cracks us up daily with the things he comes up with. My favorite one so far actually happened this morning. Jack was crawling around and I was trying to get him dressed. He kept following Sawyer, making my job all the more difficult, so I yelled to Sawyer to run into Mommy and Daddy's room so Jack would follow. Sure enough in runs Sawyer and truckin along behind him comes the little tank (trust me, if you could see him crawl you'd call him that too : ). As a little side note, I've realized that because of the stage that Sawyer is in I'm correcting him a lot, so Ian and I have tried really hard to find moments where we can praise him for obeying the first time, being sweet to his brother, or other things like that. Well, we got Jack to clap for Sawyer and we told him what a good big brother he was. His response to this was to say "Thank you, thank you, thank you" all while holding his arms out and doing little bows. HILARIOUS! I have no idea where he got this, but Ian and I about fell down on the ground we were laughing so hard!
Jack, or Jackers as we often call him, is becoming very expressive with his vocal cords, facial expressions and hand motions; pretty much anything he can do to try and get his wants across. He's pretty laid back and a lot more cautious than Saw, but I think that will make for a good pairing as they get older.
Well, I just wanted to give a quick update and let you know that you might not see too many posts in the near future, but I promise it won't be too long. Oh, and all my pictures are on Ian's computer, so I'll have to download some tonight and put up a few new ones. We all know that's really the only reason you check this thing, right?? : )