Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer Time

and the livin' is easy.  Ok, I know it was cheesy, but I couldn't resist! : )  Summer used to be my least favorite time of the year.  I really don't enjoy hot weather and much prefer to bundle up with a blanket, a fire and a cup of hot chocolate!  However, with little people running all around, I've discovered that summer is a lot of fun for them, and for me!  We've had so much fun doing all kinds of outside activities (not really including this last week of the heat wave!).

Little miss likes outside, but we're still working on all of our tricks inside, like sitting up and figuring out these toys! 

We went to pick blueberries in Darlington, and as you can imagine there was a lot of this . . .

and this . . .

and this . . .
There were some very satisfied little boys walking around those bushes.

A lot of silly, clean fun after splashing all morning in the pool

Jumping "all together" as it's called in our house, is way more fun!  What you don't see in this picture, is the little fish that this boy has become.  He can jump off the side of the pool, turn and swim to the side all without any help!  When he decides he's going to do something, there's no stopping him!
This guy likes the pool and the water, but he's just as content to sit and have a snack . . . or two or three. : )

We've also had fun inside at some cool places like Edventure.  My camera died, so I didn't get many pictures, but we had a blast!  We probably could have stayed another hour or two, so I think another visit and a membership will be in order for a birthday!

Snack is always more fun when it's outside at the picnic table!

And of course, what's summer without a popsicle?!

Thanks to Grandma, we've made our own posicles almost every day with these fun twist pops!

And pretty much any time of year is good for some bubbles!

What about you?  Have you enjoyed your summer as much as we have? 
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Monday, July 18, 2011

Awesome Adoption Giveaway!

Hey y'all! Some friends of ours are trying to raise money for their second adoption and as part of this process they are hosting a great giveaway on their blog. If you're interested in their story, you can read more about it here. Go check out an awesome giveaway and support this sweet family and help them bring home their baby!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Moments like these

Recently we've had a few frustrating days in our house.  As parents, you're going to have them, probably every day!  I've struggled the past few days with how I'm handling things and just wanting to find a way to "fix" it all.

But then, I layed in bed with you tonight and you asked me to "tell me a story about when you were little" and we layed nearly nose to nose while you hung on every word.  You smiled so big I thought it might get stuck, and asked for another as soon as I was done.

And, you sweet girl, snuggled with me and I kissed your cheeks again and again.  I mean, how could you not want to kiss THOSE cheeks??

And in the car, I listened as you and brother sang, Matthew 19:14 from the Hide 'em in Your Heart CD.  Your sweet little voice could be heard above the chatter of everyone else.

and that's when I realized it's moments like these that I love being your mom.  I needed that little encouragement and a reminder that you are each on loan, my gifts from the Lord.  
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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Time Flies

When you're having fun, so they say, but I wish time would slow down just a bit! I can't believe my sweet, baby girl is 6 months old. I feel like it was just a few weeks ago that we brought her home from the hospital! I remember feeling like time was speeding along with Sawyer, and even more so with Jack but with number three it seems to be going by at warp speed! So, even though I'm an ultra schedule momma, and love to get my kids in bed early, I've learned the joy of keeping her up a little later for some extra snuggles. I can't get these days back and I'm going to enjoy every minute while I can my little, blue-eyed love.

You are definitely a happy girl, once you warm up to people. You're becoming a bit of a Momma's girl, but I won't complain!
You can make some funny faces my dear, but they're always super cute!

You've only grown to love those brothers more and more, and the same is true of them. They love to make you laugh and smile and are the first to let me know when you're not happy.

They also think all the new skills you've learned are things they need to copy too.
The three little amigos!

You weren't a huge fan of cereal the first go round, but you've warmed up to it nicely, thanks to your friends Ms. Apple and Mr. Banana. : )

You're not a huge fan of the flash on the camera

But you eventually warm up to it!

You're becoming more curious by the day, and I think you might be a little extrovert like your brother. You're not a huge fan of being left alone and Sawyer, since he feels your pain, is the first to run back to keep you company.

So here's to hoping that the next six months go as slow as molasses in January! I'd like to keep my baby girl for a wee bit longer. ; )
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