Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas, Darlin'

Happy New Year too!  Ok, so I realize it's not New Year's yet, but I'm kind of hoping we'll have a baby by that point, so I'll go ahead and say it. : )  I did the majority of our Christmas shopping online this year, so our Christmas season has been full of family fun, which I have to say is definitely the way to go!!  Since our kids are still fairly young, I decided that we would wait one more year to start any of the fun things I've seen around and just stick with learning the Christmas story.  We have several nativities around the house, two of which are just for the kids.  Every day we've tried to sit down at some point or another and tell the story of Jesus' birth (the short version : ).  Some days they sit still and listen as though it's the best thing ever, and others, well other days we throw pieces and could care less what Mommy is saying!  Ha!  That's the way it goes with two little boys sometimes.  Thankfully, Daddy also has two weeks off of work, so the boys have been enjoying lots of wrestling, tower building, piggy back rides, and all the things that only Daddy does at our house.  : ) 
In keeping with tradition, we went and picked out our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving.  The boys actually had a lot of fun despite the sour looks on their faces.  
 Here's proof that they really did like it!
 Sawyer was quite taken with the power tools and watching them shake the tree. 
 And we had to smell the tree for some reason.
 This year we got our tree from the lot that was on the property of White House Florist.  For those of you familiar with the big white house, you probably also know the red carpet they put out at Christmas.  Well, for me that red carpet and that house hold special memories.  The big white house, and the brick one behind it, belonged to my best friend and her grandparents.  Growing up, I think I spent most of my summer by their pool every year!  We always took a picture on the front porch as a family, and then took prom pictures their as well.  My bridal portraits were even done on that front porch and around the house!  Needless to say, we had to try for a family picture on the porch.  The boys were done with picture taking by this point, but we had to try, just for old times sake.  

 Aunt D came for a visit and of course the boys convinced her to read a few books.
Plenty of blocks and tower building have been found around our house recently.

and time with Daddy
and finally the Christmas tree decorated and full of lights!  I love sitting in the dark, quiet and looking at the tree.  Apparently, so does my oldest because I find it plugged in all the time, when I didn't do it. : )  The day we decorated, we brought it in and put lights on while the boys were napping, or at least we thought they were napping.  Sawyer had apprently sneaked down the stairs to see what was up, but couldn't keep quite once he saw the lights come on.  As soon as we plugged it in to check the lights we heard, "WOW, it's amazing!!!"  It was kind of hard to be stern after that. : )
Christmas cookies at Granna's house
 Sawyer, the old pro, showing Jack the ropes
 Jack trying to "sneak" some dough. 
 After that, Granna thought it was just easier to give him a cookie than to fight about eating dough.
 Cheesing it up for the camera in our Christmas pjs
 Also, cheesing it, but not willing to look at Mommy for some reason
 And the best thing to happen so far in the lives of these two little boys is the construction of a swing set in the back yard.  Grandaddy, Josh and Daddy spent a Saturday putting it together and since that day they ask to go outside about 20 times more than they did before!  It doesn't matter that it's been freezing cold most days, they will put on hats, coats and gloves as long as they can get on that slide and swing up high!
 But of course, when it gets to cold, coming in and warming up by the fire is a pretty appealing things too!
 Doing some chalk drawing on the porch
 climbing up to slide and looking cute as can be!
 head first is always better
or just crawling up the slide the wrong way : ) 
Well, I hope you're enjoying your Christmas holidays as much as we are, and we also hope you're able to slow down and spend some time thinking about and celebrating our Savior's birth.  With out that event, we would still be lost sinners, something for which I am truly grateful!
We've also had a bunch of family Christmas get togethers, so check back later for some pictures and stories about those.  It's always a barrel of monkeys when you get a bunch of family in the same room. : )

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Splish, Splash

We were takin' a bath and havin' lots of fun in the tub!


Silly faces for the camera