Thursday, September 15, 2011

Beach Trip Part 2

So here's some more cuteness for your viewing pleasure. : )

Note that there is NO ONE in the background! That is a lot of empty beach which made for an extremely peaceful trip.

Sawyer was up building castles with Daddy and had no interest in joining us in the water for some pictures. However, these two were being super cute together.

Thanks to our sweet babies, we were up to see the sunrise from our porch every morning. At least we had a great view! :

Snugglin' for a movie before bedtime!

This big boy was all about digging, building and exploring! He didn't stay still for very long!

My little blue-eyed girl loved every part of the beach from the second we put her in the sand and water. The only time she fussed while we were out there was when she was hungry and as soon as that belly was full, she was back to enjoying the sand, sun and water.

The kid in Ian still loves to explore, so he and the boys would take off everyday to check out the island. For some reason every time I see this picture, I hear the song from Peter Pan,
"We're following the leader, the leader, the leader. We're following the leader wherever he may go" : )

Lovin' the taste of salt : )

Jumpin' the waves!

Watching the fish boats come in and ready to go!

Digging and more digging!

So the last day we were there I tried to get some pictures of my beautiful babies. We didn't end up with perfection, but it's better than where we started.
We started with playing and eating some grass . . .

And then some less than enthusastic facial expressions . . .

What's that, Mom??  You want me to smile???

Maybe next time.  I'm outta here!

 I hope and pray we always love to spend this much time together! Can't wait for next year and many more family vacations to come.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Beach Trip

Last week we went on vacation to Harbor Island and had a WONDERFUL time.  It was the perfect beach for little ones and it was almost empty this time of year.  To say we enjoyed it would be an extreme understatement.  The boys had an absolute blast and Libby is a beach baby for sure!  I tried to narrow down the pictures, but it's still going to take two posts. : )

Marching, Marching
There were several people fishing down the beach so Sawyer decided to get in on the action.

Here fishy, fishy!
Nothing like a yummy, sandy snack!

We built a sandcastle . . . or ten!  : )
I tried to get the boys to look at me, but who wants to look at the camera when you can put sand on each other's heads!

The best we could get with a family picture . . . 3 out of 5 looking at the camera and smiling isn't too bad, right? 
This particular island stretched for miles at the same depth, so when the tide went out you were left with little tide pools everywhere.  So fun for little ones!

Two things about this picture.  First, I just love that she's all prissy with her legs crossed even though she's covered in sand.  Second, any idea what she's looking at?

The beach was so empty that the boys would draw lines down the beach and have races. 
On your mark get set GO!
One particular little boy in our house is very fast : )
She's got her eye on the bubbles . . .
Now get 'em girlie!

Where did they go Libby Lou?

Mom, this is the life!  Can we just stay here??

Silly Willy! 
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Monday, September 12, 2011


I almost didn't post this so that I had a better chance of winning! : )  My friend Kitty is doing an awesome giveawy on her blog for a cooking class here in Columbia!  Go check out her blog to get all the details and find out how you can win (or me : )!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Cool Dude

We play outside a lot and when I say a lot, I mean 4-6 hours a day, sometimes more when the weather isn't so hot!  Well, Jack refuses to wear sunglasses but seems to really be sensitive to the sun in his eyes.  I figured I would buy them new hats (since my child with the large head can't wear his toddler hats anymore!) and see if he would wear that.

They wear their hats alright, just the wrong way to do any good with the sun! : )  Everytime they put them on backwards Sawyer says, "Cool Dude!" and of course that's the best thing ever to Jack, so there is no other way to wear a hat in his mind.  I think Uncle Josh will have to be brought in to make the other way cool.

If you know my sweet, cuddly little 2 year old, then this face just makes you laugh!  Doesn't he just look so tough?!

And . . . if you know this crazy kiddo, then you know this picture is EXACTLY his personality! 
Too funny!
I love you my "cool dudes"
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