Monday, December 8, 2008

O Christmas Tree!

On Friday, after Thanksgiving, we went and picked out our Christmas tree! We have a great little place in town that has wonderful trees to choose from and there are always several great ones that we have to debate about. At first Sawyer wasn't to thrilled about the tree, but after it was in the house he decided it wasn't too bad.

Testing the Christmas tree lights was definitely the favorite part for Sawyer! As soon as the lights would light up he would just laugh and giggle!

Touching the tree for the first time, and then deciding that he didn't really like the feel of it too much! He's over that now. : ) He loves to touch it now and run, and then do it all again.

Turkey Day!

We spent Thanksgiving this year with Ian's family at his parent's house. I was so proud of myself because I remembered to bring my camera and my video camera, but that is where my sense of pride ends. I was terrible at taking pictures! It was Sawyer's first Thanksgiving and I wanted to document it all, but this is all I got. Sawyer loved all the food and ate plenty! He also loved Aunt Shannon's dog, Laramie! Poor Laramie was a little tired by the time Sawyer left. : ) What can I say? The boy loves dogs! He also loved the train set that Ian's dad had set up. It didn't go around the track very often before Sawyer would knock it off, but Grandpa didn't mind setting it back up. We were so glad to spend time with family and have a wonderful, restful day!

Cool Man, Cool

So the other day, Ian was talking to a guy that he works with, and he was telling Ian how he had told our story to his mom. He was describing Sawyer, and his description of Sawyer was just about the best I've heard. He said Sawyer was one of those cute kids that was just looking for an excuse to laugh and smile. I thought it was so sweet and so accurate! Here are a couple pictures of us playing with Daddy's sunglasses. : )