Thursday, May 26, 2011

Terrific Twos . . . again!

I can't believe I have another baby who's turned two!  I still remember the day he came into the world like it was yesterday, and even though I know it wasn't, I sometimes feel that it was.  I love all of my children, and they each hold a special "only" and "first" spot.  Sawyer was our first baby and our first adoption. That makes him pretty special!  Libby is my first (and for now the only) girl.  I love having a sweet little girl to dress up, and know that I'll have someone else to do girly stuff with one day.  That definitely makes her special! 
And then there's Jack.  I thought for years that I would never give birth to my babies, and I was ok with that!  The Lord had different plans however, and boy am I glad he did!  I can't imagine our lives without Jackers and Libby Lou in the mix!  Jack was my first belly baby and to top it off, born on my birthday!  I'd say that makes him pretty special too!

So without further ado, here's a little about Jackeroo!
You're very intent to little details when your working hard on something you find important.  Whether it's hitting a ball, building a tower or coloring.  You won't be distracted by things around you when you're hard at work.  A lot like a certain Daddy I know!
You're a wee bit messy when it comes to food, but we love you anyway, and at least for now I can always tell what you've been into with a sweet little kiss. : )
You're not the fastest about doing things (some might say you get that from your Momma), but boy do you enjoy things as you go!
You love food and can out eat your brother any day of the week!  This helps to make you my chub-a-love.   I must say, I'm a little nervous for you to hit the teen years!
Even though you like to play by yourself sometimes, you LOVE to do whatever brother's doing.  While you may be cautious about trying many things, if you see brother do it, you'll probably give it a try. 
You make the funniest faces, my silly boy, especially when you're looking at your brother. ; )
You're all boy!  You love a good puddle to jump in, trying to touch lizards and dumping dirt on your head.  I think I could bathe you 3 times a day!
You love music and currently sing the last word in each line of a song, which cracks your Daddy and me up!  We love to hear you sing and I hope you always love it too!

You're my snugly boy, who is content to sit and read books for as long as my voice will last.  You're quiet in new places, but once you warm up, you can talk any one's ear off!  Right now you look like your Daddy and act like your Momma, but we'll see as you continue to grow.  : )  One thing I know for sure . . .
You were made for us, my sweet little boy! 

I love you and pray that you will grow into, just like we pray every night, "a young man who will grow up to love Jesus and never stop loving Him". 
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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Best Buddies

These two are the best of friends!  Sure they have their moments, like all siblings do, but they would rather be together than apart, and right now they would choose to play with each other over just about anyone. 

Exploring is always more fun with a partner in crime!

Why feed yourself when you could feed each other?!

Fun in the rain or sun!

Silly side by side fun.

Books are always more fun together.

I hope these two little stinkers always love each other as much as they do now!

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Mother's Day a few days late

So I had a wonderful Mother's day post written and I was trying to fix something with the font, when the darn thing got deleted! I hate when that happens! Of course, if I had used half a brain I could have just closed the window and it wouldn't have saved my changes, but did I do that? Nope! Anyway, here is what I can remember of what I wrote. : ) These are my thoughts on Mother's Day this year, in no particular order.
- This year my heart was particularly heavy for my friends and family who are waiting to be called mother. I know so many people in that position and I know how hard it is! I know that words can't do much but I want you to know, if that's you, I was praying for you on Mother's Day!
- I think the more time I spend as a mom the more I appreciate and have come to understand all that my own mom did for us! Being a mom, stay at home or not, is HARD work!! It's rewarding in ways that you never even realized, but anyone who tells you it's easy is lying through their teeth! : ) Year after year, I'm realizing all that my mom sacrificed for us. I know she wouldn't change a thing, and I'm thankful for all she taught us and continues to teach me. She's an awesome mom and Granna, someone that I'm blessed to have in my life and now someone I call my friend. I love you, Momma!
- And of course, last but certainly not least, the reason I can celebrate Mother's Day, my beautiful babies. They bring such joy to my day even in the little things.
Libby smiles with her whole body the minute my face comes into view. I could just snuggle her all day long!

Jack yells my name and comes running to hug my legs anytime I walk into the room

and Sawyer is ready with a kiss and a hug at all times during the day.
What love I have for you three!

May I be the mother the Lord has called me to be, so that in our daily walk together, you will see Him through me.