Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Terrific Three!

My birthday buddy, how is it possible that you are three years old?  Wasn't it just yesterday that I could hold you in my arms and rock you?  What a sweet little boy you are growing up to be and my, how we love you! 

You've come out of your shell so much this last year and will chatter away when you can grab someone's ear.  You still tend to be more reserved in a large group of people, but you're more than willing to have a good time, especially if brother is leading the way. 

You want to do just about everything that brother does, which is making you less cautious, little by little.  You're my little thinker and so often I can see the wheels turning before you do something.   

There are very few days that I sleep in since you are an early riser.  While I usually wake with the sun these days, I wouldn't trade the world for your sweet little face in front of mine asking for a "cuddle" and a "spot" in the bed.   

You are the perfect main middle man for our family.  You are fairly even tempered (with the exception of a few things that your brother currently does to you : ) and play so well with both of your siblings. 

I pray that as you continue to grow the Lord would give your sensitive spirit a sensititivity to the things of Him, that you would know Him. 

We love you sweet buddy!