Sunday, July 5, 2009

6 weeks

So, I can't believe my baby's 6 weeks old! Sometimes I feel like we've always been a family of four and other days I just can't believe he's actually here! Sawyer is still adjusting, but doing better than I could have dreamed! He has become such a little helper boy as though he just knows that he's the big brother. He likes to try and give Jack his pacy and cover him up, which of course I have to pay attention to or he tends to smother him a little. He also likes to help with take the dirty clothes to the laundry room. This usually ends with mommy retracing our steps to pick up everything that got dropped! : ) He's gotten really good at following directions and understands so much. I must say it's so fun to ask him to go get something or tell him to do something and watch him process what I'm saying and then run off to do it! It doesn't happen everytime, but more often than not! We're getting tubes put in Sawyer's ears on July 20th, so if you think about it just say a little prayer that everything goes well. I'm really hoping that this provides some relief for him and has the effect that so many people have told us about. So I accidently uploaded pictures incorrectly and don't feel like changing it. Take a look at these pictures and then find out about Jack at the bottom of the blog. : )
Visiting Nana and Papa in Darlington for the first time
Reading with Nana
meeting Papa for the first time

Sawyer is in love with this backpack. He likes walking around the house with it on and feeling it hit his legs.

What is summer without corn on the cob? Sawyer has discovered a love for corn especially when he gets to use the corn holders.

Playing with daddy!

A bubble mower from Grandpa and Gran. He loves being like daddy and "mowing" the grass.

Jack is growing like a weed! He's somewhere in the neighborhood of 11 lbs now. Let's just say he's a good eater! He still hasn't lost any hair, and it's still dark brown. I think he's looking more like Ian, but he's definitely got some features that look like my side of the family as well. He has been sleeping so great at night, from 10:30 until 6:00 in the morning! I definitely did not expect to be blessed with another good sleeper, so I'm counting my lucky stars for that one. Overall, this transition has been so much easier than I thought it would be and I can't complain about anything!

Pictures as promised

Just a few minutes old!
One week old!

Our first family picture. . . not the greatest, but one to cherish anyway!

Sawyer loving on Jack the first time he saw him. Just makes you want to cry . . . in a good way!

One month old already! Cuddling with mom after being away for the first time.

Another try at a family picture. This time Sawyer was too busy looking for planes. : )

This boy is so attentive and full of smiles!

grinning and talking!

sleepy boy