Monday, December 5, 2011


So welcome back to the Headley neck of the woods.  We've been up to quiet a bit trying to keep up with these three!  We're having fun and trying to keep our heads screwed on straight while we're doing it. : )  Here's just a small glimpse of some of the cuteness these three have been up to lately. 

Grandpa gave the boys these masks when we were at the beach and they are often seen running around our house with them on pretending all sorts of things! 

Libby Lou got a swing put up in the backyard so gone are the days of the boys going to play outside by themselves while I cook.  If they do go outside, then this is what I see.
Cutie boy with his baseball hat and glove.

She loves to be outside!

Sweet boy!

Silly Willy!

Mom found these costumes at a yard sale.  Jack likes the idea of them but usually doesn't want to wear them.  Sawyer, however, loves them! 

Stay tuned for more pictures to come!  We've got to catch up on the SC State Fair and mommy's photography class. : )
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